Steelers survive comeback, wild overtime to beat Seahawks



After blowing a 14-point advantage, the Pittsburgh Steelers looked like they still had the game won on Sunday night at Heinz Field.

Trying to fend off a comeback in the final seconds, it appeared that the Steelers forced a fumble and didn’t leave enough time for the Seattle Seahawks to recover and spike the ball for a last-second field goal attempt.

But, even after the game clock on the Heinz Field scoreboards and on NBC’s broadcast had hit zero, officials called a review on the play. That decision ended up adding time back to the clock, and eventually allowed Seahawks kicker Jason Myers to send the “Sunday Night Football” game into overtime.

Though Mike Tomlin and Co. weren’t happy with the ruling — Tomlin was seen fuming on the sidelines — it still worked out in their favor in the end.

Steelers defensive end T.J. Watt forced a huge fumble late in overtime and put Chris Boswell in position to sink a 47-yard field goal to give them the 23-20 win.

Seahawks nearly blow shot at overtime

Seattle, somehow, never went away on Sunday night despite a brutal first half in which they only posted 65 total offensive yards.

Even after the Steelers went up by a field goal with less than 90 seconds on the clock, the Seahakws marched right down the field into Pittsburgh territory.

But, after Geno Smith hit D.K. Metcalf for a 12-yard gain without any timeouts in hand, Metcalf needed to just go out of bounds. Instead, he tried to gain a few extra yards and fumbled the ball instead.

That seemed to end the game, as Smith and the Seahawks weren’t able to get a spike off before the clock ran out.

Though it clearly looked like a catch, officials opted to review the completion — which ended up giving Seattle three more seconds after they determined it was a catch. That was plenty of time to spike the ball and give Myers a 43-yard field goal to send it into overtime.

But, after a pair of failed drives in overtime, T.J. Watt knocked the ball out of Smith’s hands to give the Steelers the ball back and set up an easy Boswell field goal to end the game and give Pittsburgh the three-point win.

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