Silly Humans Talk AI at HR Transform


Artificial Intelligence is used more and more in HR functions, such as employee engagement, initial resume screening, and performance monitoring.

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So, What Are the Critics Saying?

Critics of artificial intelligence (AI) argue that the technology is being used to perpetuate certain societal biases and are concerned about how it might improve efficiency or make decisions without consideration for human rights. 

They also say that AI has not yet been proved safe and may lead to new ways of tracking people’s movements and activities. A lot of discussion around artificial intelligence in human resources because AI strives to learn and solve problems like these with data sets. 

It has been found that AI-powered recruiting tools tend to be biased against women. For example, when Amazon closed its recruiting tool in 2018, it wasn’t very objective against women.

Several new laws are being written to combat the problems caused by artificial intelligence, including one in New York City requiring AI tech vendors to obtain and display third-party audits to promote transparency and accountability.

In February, Democrats in Congress introduced a bill that holds tech companies in various sectors like employment and housing accountable for their algorithmic bias. 

What Happened 

HR Transform was held in Las Vegas, and the conference attendees discussed ethical issues related to using AI at work. In addition, various executives from different companies discussed how they’re using AI. And there are undoubtedly many advantages to using AI writing assistants. 


Some of the advantages include: 

  • Data Analysis

It’s essential to understand and keep track of the why behind the product because that ultimately helps teams choose which approach would give them the best results. According to sources, the use of AI writing assistants in the workplace is becoming more widespread and in a good sense. 

Furthermore, they allow you to focus on other aspects of your business since they save you time and effort. During an interview at the AI Now Conference, Robin Krishnamurthy said that people assume that the perfect mathematical equations are ideal and emphasized the three things you should use when something goes wrong with AIs: data, data, and data.

  • Efficiency 

Some experts argue that the biases in humans are making it difficult for us to transact with each other. As a result, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important when conducting the employment process, and HR professionals are turning to AI to try and make things easier.

Word of Advice 

HR professionals are advised to be transparent about all the data they collect and monitor for their staff. It establishes trust in an organization and helps prevent mass malpractice or abuse on behalf of employees, managers, or employers. 

AI writing services should be transparent about how their data is used and what it can do. They should also talk about the better outcomes for your talent programs and better results for your company.

Companies must consider the core civil rights of employees and candidates when implementing AI-based HR solutions. 

But simultaneously, it creates an error rate in resume screenings. Usually, computers and programs can only give us certain kinds of information. It can be true for HR software, too. 

For instance, it might tell you that someone with a specific job title has a particular type of career experience. However, machines need to understand civil-rights compliance to serve Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) employees effectively.

The Future is AI 

Artificial intelligence can be overwhelming, but one shouldn’t be scared. The lack of AI development and misuse would make it very hard for humanity to move forward in our technological advancements. 

There are many potential dangers with any technology that has yet to be fully explored and programmed. However, artificial intelligence holds the potential for even more harm than good because it is still an unproven field. So let’s keep rooting for AI while we can. 

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