Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘Sick’ Stunt Earns Him Scathing New Nickname From New York Daily News



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The Talk – Lesley Stahl on Donald Trump ’60 Minutes’ Interview A Year Later; ‘We were stunned’

Monday on “The Talk” Lesley Stahl from CBS’ “60 Minutes” reflects on her interview with former President Donald Trump a year ago where he walked out in the middle of the taping and the White House released the interview ahead of the story airing on broadcast. Host Natalie Morales asks, “What was your reaction?” “Oh my gosh. You know, I’ve been there 30 years, others have been there that long. I don’t think we’d ever been shocked. But when they put the full interview out before we got on the air… they’d already agreed not to do that.” Stahl adds, “We always make sure whoever we are interviewing, that they don’t put out the interview as theirs, it’s ours. We were stunned. It was really hard to work, get our story done. We had to finally focus and not allow what was going on out there interrupt the job… The job of just getting your job done on deadline, because we interviewed him late in the week. It was shocking.”


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