Bill Gross slams judge who sentenced him, mocks community service



“Bond King” Bill Gross on Wednesday derided the California judge who sentenced him and his wife Amy to five days in jail plus community service — and mocked the soup kitchen he was tasked with helping.

The 77-year-old billionaire went off topic in his latest investment letter, questioning his sentence by Orange County Superior Court Judge Kimberly Knill for what he described as “playing 15 minutes of music at 9 pm in our backyard pool.”

Gross doesn’t identify Knill by name, but describes her as “a 57-year-old lady with pierced nose stud and visible tattoos.”

Gross — worth an estimated $1.5 billion, according to Forbes — also declared her “the hanging judge of the Laguna Beach shore.”

Earlier this month, Judge Knill found Gross and his wife guilty of contempt of court for violating a restraining order that barred them from playing loud music outside their home when no one is in the backyard pool area. She handed the couple a delayed sentence of five days in jail and ordered them to pay $1,000 each as well as do two days of community service.

Before the sentencing, Gross’s oceanfront neighbor and nemesis Mark Towfiq had showed the court a bizarre, 11-second video clip that showed the Grosses apparently taunting Towfiq while frolicking in their private pool.

Bill Gross and wife Amy Gross wearing masks on the street outside court
Bill Gross (seen with wife Amy) called the jurist in his case “the hanging judge of the Laguna Beach shore.”
AFP via Getty Images

Judge Knill called the footage “appalling,” adding, “While Amy Gross’s behavior was blatant, William Gross’s behavior was more subtle, but it was defiant and contemptuous all the same.”

In his Wednesday note to investors, Gross said that the jail sentence has opened “a potential career in Hollywood for me and her at a point in my life when climbing the stairs was taking up an increasing amount of my daily routine.”

He also alleged that the trial was “a stepping stone for the judge for greater court assignments.”

Ann and Bill Gross pictured in a video clip provided as evidence during their trial
Judge Knill called “appalling” video footage provided as evidence of Amy and Bill Gross around their pool in violation of a court’s restraining order.
Keller/Anderle LLP

Kostas Kalaitzidis, a spokesman for the Orange County Superior Court, said judges are not allowed to comment on cases except for from the bench.

Judge Kimberly Knill
Judge Kimberly Krill was referenced by Bill Gross in an investment letter in which he slammed his and his wife’s being sentenced to five days in jail and community service in a dispute with the Grosses’ neighbors.
Orange County Superior Court

Gross went on to ridicule the Santa Ana soup kitchen that he and his wife were ordered to serve to fulfill their community service requirement. Gross claimed to have volunteered at the soup kitchen before and “was expecting a similar cast of ‘down and out’ people in need of a hot lunch.”

Instead, he said, many of the people showing up for food appeared to be well off, with many driving “nice SUVs and pickup trucks.”

“No downtrodden homeless people at this soup kitchen!” he wrote. “There were vegan meals, gluten-free meals, five kinds of bread, and orders from the cars to skip the meal but to give them mini-sacks of avocados and artichokes for special diets later in the day.”

Gross said he and his wife helped prepare a “gorgeous enchilada lunch replete with cheesecake and chips” and fulfilled “many special requests.”

“There was one request for a feminine hygiene package and several for prophylactics. But not to be outdone, requests for ‘doggie bites’ and cat food kept Amy and I scrambling from noon to 3 pm,” he wrote, without naming the soup kitchen in question.

“We worked beside a volunteer who told us he came two days a week to feel good about helping other people. He was a little bedraggled looking and had to take the bus from Long Beach to get there. I told him that was a wonderful gesture but silently thought to myself, ‘Buddy, you’ve been screwed. They’re living better than you.’”

The jeering is the latest development in a feud that began last year after Gross’ oceanfront neighbor was bugged by a protective net Gross installed above a glass backyard sculpture that allegedly blocked Towfiq’s view from his own house.

Mark Towfiq holding his wife's hand while seated inside a courtroom
Mark Towfiq, Bill Gross’s oceanfront neighbor, claimed in court to have been tormented by the actions of Gross and his wife.
MediaNews Group via Getty Images
Amy and Bill Gross
Bill Gross (seen with wife Amy) also ridiculed the Santa Ana soup kitchen that he and his wife were ordered to serve to fulfill their community service requirement.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

He lodged a complaint about the net with local officials in June of 2020 — and the retired PIMCO founder fired back by blaring music at earsplitting volumes, including Led Zeppelin and the themes to “Gilligan’s Island” and “Green Acres.”

Gross is famous for his colorful clashes.

He sued PIMCO, the investment behemoth he founded in 1971, for his 2014 ouster, claiming a “cabal” of junior managers plotted against him to increase their share of the bonus pool.

And last year, as The Post exclusively reported at the time, Gross attempted to thwart his estranged son’s efforts to sell rare “Inverted Jenny’’ postage stamps he had inherited. The stamps ended up going to auction after the story ran and sold for $1.9 million.


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